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Modernize Today’s Government to Better Serve Your Constituents Tomorrow

Provide your community with a centralized portal to submit and quickly respond to citizen requests with instantaneous communication, one-click sharing, and mobile access to information. Integrate IOT-connected devices with machine learning to proactively solve problems for your constituents…before they occur.

Embrace the Digital Age: Connect with Citizens via the Internet of Things & Mobile Devices

AvePoint Citizen Services makes it easier for governments to connect to citizens, modernize case management systems, improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, speed up response time, and improve service. Replaces traditional call centers by digitally connecting to constituents in real-time. Uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices with built-in geo-location services and mappings to proactively pinpoint, carry out, and complete tasks. Modernizes government administration to allow agencies to optimize responses today, for a better tomorrow.


Modern Services to Better Serve Your Community

Provide your community with a centralized portal to easily submit service requests from anywhere, anytime, and any device:

  • Quickly and accurately respond to citizen requests with built-in geo-locator and mappings
  • Response team can view and respond to assignments on-the-go based on their location, type of request, or urgency
  • Connects to your community using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices
  • Proactively analyze, adapt, and make predictions about future events via data coming in from your IoT-connected devices
Modern Services to Better Serve Your Community
Replace Traditional

Replace Traditional Call Centers with Automation & Digital Integration

Retire old-school phone call processes and embrace the digital age:

  • Upload photo attachments and provide precise locations via integrated mobile devices to validate requests and improve service
  • From registering, submitting requests, tracking statuses, reading updates, resolving issues, and searching databases, do it from your phone without making a call
  • Receive notifications on your phone

Embrace the Digital Age with Automated Case Management Processes

Streamline case routing by simplifying the process of creating, tracking, and managing service info and requests:

  • Improve community satisfaction by eliminating processes that waste time and money, and are prone to human error
  • Go from reactive to proactive with IoT device capabilities that can spot and help fix potential issues before your citizens report them
  • Log response activity into mobile devices to close out and explain cases in real time
Embrace the Digital Age

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