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Your agency needs custom taxonomy to ensure data is protected based on specific missions, and to prevent PII from leaking outside the organization. AvePoint solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint proactively monitor and secure your most valuable assets while allowing users to work the way they normally do.

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Proactively Monitor, Scan & Securely Share Data

Federal agencies must protect mission critical information and classified content. One major data breach could take down an organization, that's why it's crucial to have custom taxonomy to ensure data and PII are protected and compliant. Compliance Guardian proactively monitors and secures your SharePoint, Office 365, and File Share data from leaks and threats with real-time data scans, automated tagging and detailed reporting. Track, monitor and receive alerts on suspicious content and unauthorized access with Perimeter's secure two-way collaboration and external share capabilities.

AvePoint only uses supported Microsoft APIs and technology. More than 15,000 organizations and 5 million cloud users trust AvePoint to keep their data well managed and secure.


Proactively Monitor & Secure Your Data with Compliance Guardian

Integrate content-level scans to automatically tag, classify and secure potentially sensitive documents and permissions, and enforce policies:

  • Catch harmful leaks before they occur with real-time data scans to promptly and accurately identify regulated and sensitive data
  • Prioritize risks, address potential threats and minimize agency vulnerability with detailed reports and flexible corrective options
  • Back-up critical documents and establish record retention rules according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Track and manage risk levels throughout data lifecycles with trend reports and detailed historical analyses
Proactively Monitor
Ensure Information Security Wherever Your Data Lives

Compliance Guardian Ensures Information Security Wherever Data Lives

Quickly surface relevant issues and automatically delegate violations to appropriate staff with individualized reports and dashboards:

  • Continuously identify, map and analyze data for alerts of potential privacy, data protection or permissions violations to resolve threats before they occur
  • Automatically tag new and existing content based on data, context and ownership
  • Integrate content-level scans with automated tagging, classification and neutralization of potentially sensitive documents, permissions and policy enforcement and location-based mobile access controls
  • Quickly and efficiently resolve issues with security-trimmed and pre-prioritized reports, providing guidance to content owners and compliance teams to target critical violations

Perimeter Secures Content & Increases User Productivity

Increase user productivity and allow them to securely work with anyone from a single content repository and maintain security with robust admin options:

  • Enable two-way collaboration and external sharing directly from on-prem SharePoint so users can edit and sync changes back to the environment from apps on mobile devices and desktop browsers
  • SharePoint becomes the single point of access for content without multiple sharing systems, giving end users the power to collaborate quickly and increase productivity
  • Exposes only the content that is allowed for external sharing per the rules you set and based on document meta tags
  • Empower a mobile workforce with secure remote access to SharePoint content and editing capabilities through a guarded container on personal devices—from anywhere, anytime
Maintain Security

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