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Boost Productivity, Collaboration & Organization

Simplify collaboration, distribution, and content management across SharePoint and Office 365 channels. Seamlessly access and manage all of your Microsoft Office 365 Groups with GroupHub and enable two-way collaboration and external sharing with Perimeter.

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Cut Costs, Maximize ROI & Boost Productivity with AvePoint Solutions

Allow your users to join forces with anyone, anytime—whether across Office 365, SharePoint or hybrid platforms. Deliver content within legacy data stores and optimize end-user productivity, expose file share data to management and two-way collaboration. Maintain security over content with top-notch admin options and enforce control over document rights. Simplify the Office 365 Groups experience with AvePoint GroupHub. It's the place users go to find the groups they need, and access them in just two clicks, so they can get to work quickly.

AvePoint only uses supported Microsoft APIs and technology. More than 15,000 organizations and 5 million cloud users AvePoint to keep their data well managed and secure.

Provide Two-Way Collaboration & Secure External Sharing

Authentication, access controls and detailed audits provide two-way collaboration and secure external sharing amongst Office 365 and SharePoint:

  • Create rules to guard against data and content leaks, and ensure employees have appropriate access based on their role within the organization
  • Approve or deny external share options for internal users—define which permission a user can grant with external collaboration
  • Create rules that allow remote or external collaborators to edit or comment on content without unauthorized access or exposure
  • Generate expiration dates for file and library share
Provide Two-Way Collaboration
Minimize Costs & Maximize ROI

Minimize Costs & Maximize ROI

Reduce overhead costs and maximize SharePoint and Office 365 adoption:

  • Save emails to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Office 365 Groups to avoid disruption and reduce inbox size
  • Merge benefits with your user's applications to maximize adoption
  • Provide end users with a communications hub to make it easier to locate, organize, save, and access content and data
  • Oversee connected content with document management functionality, including permissions management, workflows, alerts and versioning

Be Productive. Save Time. Bring Order to Office 365 Groups.

GroupHub is the place users go to quickly find and access the Office 365 Groups they need—and grant admins powerful Group management tools to oversee and bring order:

  • Seamlessly navigate Office 365 Groups and access Group details, resources and memberships with just two clicks
  • Allow users to organize and access the groups they use the most
  • Tag groups with relevant labels and create filtered "hubs" of groups based on purpose or importance
  • Enable admins to effectively manage Office 365 Groups with a simple user interface to configure groups management settings
  • Create personal categories of Groups and display them in list form, with access to Office 365 and GAOL services
  • Review all information about the Group including metadata, contacts, lifecycle expiration, services, and more
Centralize Groups Interface

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