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High-Speed Compliant Migration

Before you migate your SharePoint or Office 365 data and content, we'll work with you to understand your scope, identify potential failures and ensure the migration is fully compliant. Our tools help inventory, tag, classify and quarantine sensitive data according to your organization's policies.

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Quickly, Efficiently & Economically Consolidate, then Migrate, Existing Content to SharePoint and Office 365

Execute an unlimited number of fully compliant migrations amongst unlimited end users who can share and save content to SharePoint and Office 365. Our rocket-fast migrators transport entire farms and single files of content, data, and more, at least 10x’s faster than before. Whether it’s before, during or after migration, your organization can identify, tag and classify content (or restrict sensitive data) according to your organizational policies. Plus, take whatever you need and leave the rest behind. In just a few clicks, we can easily transform your structure, synchronize content changes and settings, and automate configurations from source environment to destination


Ensure Information Security, No Matter Where it Lives

Create transparency, action and trust for your data warehouse:

  • Automatically evaluate and report on privacy implications of enterprise IT systems
  • Scan data across enterprise systems against regulatory policies and specific needs
  • Act based on risk analysis to implement control, secure data and achieve compliance
  • Drive enterprise classification and taxonomy
  • Tag and encrypt sensitive data
  • Demonstrate policy compliance with continuous monitors, detailed reports and incident trackers
DovAve Management


Simplified Migration Planning & Execution

Fast, efficient and cost-effective solution for migrating business-critical content:

  • Delivers pre-migration plans and detailed reports on activities and history
  • Set policies for what content should be migrated, to where, based on age, sensitivity, classification, and more
  • Ensure content is migrated with full fidelity and account for differences between source and destination environments with data transformation mappings
  • Granular or bulk content migration empowers admins to plan migration jobs and fulfill business needs


Automate SharePoint & Office 365 Lifecycle Management

Maximize ROI—make relevant data easier to find:

  • Structured taxonomies and standardized workspaces provide a consistent experience
  • Actively enforce data governance and allow easy access to IT resources
  • Policy-based services automatically maintain workspace and content lifecycles
  • Automate services with built-in data governance policies
  • Provide services built on top of corporate policies and actively enforce governance on all new and existing data
  • Ensure discoverability and easy accessibility with built-in content lifecycle and records management


One-Stop Consultation & Implementation Service for Migration

Design and execute a fully compliant, thorough and phased migration plan that's within your scope and requirements, for a set price:

  • Comprehensive review of business needs and current farms
  • Identify and fill gaps in requirements to build an outline for execution
  • Test end-to-end migration to identify areas for performance enhancements
  • Run full and incremental migrations from source to destination
  • Synchronize changes made in source environment during execution, and transition users into the destination environment

Let us help you find the right solution.

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