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Backup, Retain & Archive All Content

Automated content lifecycle management improves data quality and reduces risk of loss. Granular backup capabilities ensure your critical content, metadata and version histories are quickly recovered on any item, document, site and more.

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Prevent Loss, Avoid Business Disruptions, Automate Lifecycle Content Management & Store Data for Long-term Retention

Whether faced with a disaster, service application repair, an audit or user error, you must always protect content, prevent loss and recover data quickly and efficiently. With AvePoint's backup, archiving and on-demand restoration solutions, users can easily search for relevant content, help compliance teams keep track of content that's subject to regulations, store data for long-term retention, automate content lifecycle management, and more.


Ensure Consistent, Comprehensive Backup & Data Protection

Protect your organization’s data and minimize disruptions with quick, efficient snapshot recovery technology:

  • Restore accidentally deleted user content, wherever it lives
  • Conduct full backup and recovery from just about anywhere
  • Customize scheduling, backup, and data pruning options to improve operations and storage efficiency
  • Simplify backup management with customizable, time-stamped retention policies for documents or farm backup versions
Ensure Consistent
Automated Backups

Automated Backups & Granular, Item-Level Restoration Capabilities for Business-Critical Data

Choose where your data's stored, how much to recover and when:

  • Automatic backups (up to 4x's per day) stored and retained in the location of your choice
  • On-demand, granular recovery of content sent to location of choice
  • Discover and recover fast with intuitive calendar-based and full-text search
  • Monitor protection statuses through single interface
  • Minimize downtime, reduce data loss and lessen granular restore time to satisfy Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and requirements

Improve Data Quality & Reduce Environment Risks with Automated Content Lifecycle Management

Customizable rules enable automated content deletion, archiving and records declaration for easier access and compliance:

  • Identify content for lifecycle management with a business-driven policy engine
  • Report and verify content pruning and records declaration
  • Remove old data and tag important data to maintain quality and simplify the user search
  • Export data into formats readable by corporate records management systems
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