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Microsoft 365 Solutions to Modernize SLG Operations & Service Delivery

Rocket-fast and secure migration to Office 365. Expect intelligent information management, real-time PII identification and removal from the cloud.

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Accelerate Technology Initiatives to Modernize Operations, Improve Service Delivery & Enhance Information Protection

State and Local Governments need to modernize IT systems, transform digital assets in the cloud, enhance collaboration and improve citizen services. AvePoint solutions for Microsoft 365, Azure Gov and SharePoint enable your digital transformation without compromising information security. Whether you want to speed up migration into the cloud, increase insight across data and systems, or improve your controls with automation, AvePoint has you covered. We help cities, states and local governments work smarter, improve citizen services and boost engagement.


Move Quickly & Securely to Microsoft 365

Accelerate your digital transformation into Microsoft 365 to improve productivity without increasing risk:

  • Discover and identify critical assets
  • Quickly transport your data and users to Microsoft 365
  • Roll-out cloud-first features in a controlled way
DovAve Management

Improve planning and resource allocation, identify outdated, irrelevant content and customizations that must be mapped, or recreated, with comprehensive scanning

Governance Automation

Continuously monitor and enforce in real-time with around-the-clock content scanning

Enforce Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Governance

Unsure how to protect data in the cloud, and keep PII data out of the cloud? With AvePoint:

  • Build smarter Office 365 information governance policies by understanding your information with comprehensive file analysis
  • Automated tags, document routing and policy enforcement ensure data is protected and stored in secure locations

Secure Federal Data in Microsoft 365 & Azure

Ensure Office 365 is continuously monitored for vulnerabilities or violations. Fully automate or incorporate human review into discovered incidents and streamline incident management and reporting for swift and decisive resolution.

DovAve Management

Report on identified violations and centrally manage incidents for continuous improvement with Compliance Guardian

Governance Automation

Your citizens submit requests through AvePoint Citizen Services' portal. You respond with the power of Azure, including IOT, machine learning and cloud computing

Modernize IT Systems & Service Delivery with Microsoft 365

Respond faster and smarter by modernizing stale, paper-based processes. Give your citizens and staff a voice to improve engagement.

What Our Customers are Saying

Charlotte County Government

Charlotte County Government utilized AvePoint Compliance Guardian, Docave Governance Automation and DocAve to simplify migration and IT burden for their SharePoint system that serves over 150,000 end-users…

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