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Microsoft 365 Solutions to Modernize Agency Operations & Service Delivery

Get your agency up to speed with faster and more secure migration. Intelligent cloud and hybrid information management, and robust information security, shouldn’t be an option—it should be a guarantee.

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Accelerate Your Technology Initiatives to Modernize Operations, Improve Service Delivery & Enhance Information Protection

To keep up with the times, civilian organizations are under pressure to modernize their IT systems to meet cloud-first directives, cut costs and protect critical information. AvePoint solutions for Microsoft 365, Azure Gov and SharePoint enable your digital transformation and maintain information security. Let us help your civilian agency increase insight across data and systems, and improve controls with automation…so you can do what's new and modern, with less.


Move Quickly & Securely to Microsoft 365

Accelerate your digital transformation into Microsoft 365 to improve productivity without increasing risk:

  • Discover and identify critical assets
  • Quickly transform your data and users into Microsoft 365 or a hybrid environment
  • Roll-out cloud-first features in a controlled way
Move Quickly & Securely to Microsoft 365

Improve resource allocation, and identify outdated or irrelevant content for deletion with comprehensive scanning

Enforce Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Governance

Continuously monitor, enforce and scan all content upon upload and while it lives in the cloud

Enforce Cloud & Hybrid Governance

Protect data in, and keep secure data out of the cloud:

  • Comprehensive file analysis allows you to build smarter SharePoint and Office 365 information governance policies
  • Automated tags, document routing and policy enforcement helps keep data protected and stored in secure locations

Secure Federal Data in Microsoft 365 & Azure

Assistance with Internet Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) & security incident reporting:

  • Continuously monitor SharePoint, Office 365, file shares and databases for vulnerabilities or violations
  • Automatically, or manually, review discovered incidents
  • Easily streamline incident management and reporting
Secure Federal Data in Microsoft 365 & Azure

Compliance Guardian reports on identified violations and centrally manages incidents

Optimize SharePoint Storage Costs

Configure DocAve's Storage Management tools to automatically archive and retain, delete, or record data and content

Optimize SharePoint Storage Costs

Control IT Commodity costs, and more:

  • Quickly identify opportunities to consolidate servers, reduce storage footprint and transition to cost-effective cloud storage
  • Comprehensive file analysis helps staff make sense of redundant, obsolete and trivial data
  • Keep SharePoint, Office 365 and File Share resources optimized with automated tags, migration and archiving

What Our Customers are Saying

Department of Education

The Department of Education utilized DocAve Migrator to migrate for than 11,000 pages of web content from Documentum to SharePoint 2010. DocAve Migrator relocated the content 95% faster than what a manual migration would have been able to accomplish.

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