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Leverage the Latest Technology to Prevent Data Breaches

Government agencies are driven by people who collaborate on projects from all over the world. This means you need products that protect shared information and deploy data security to address the heart of breaches: the human factor. Prevent unauthorized breaches with data-level inspection for documents. Enhance collaboration with controlled information sharing results in rapid cost savings for private cloud, hybrid and on-prem deployments. You can find it all here—at AvePoint.



Enhance Your Collaboration Platforms

Defense and intelligence organizations face complex and unique collaborative challenges.

DocAve Management software works to help agencies collaborate safely on-prem, on private cloud, or across hybrid environments. With DocAve, you can ensure technological investments deliver optimal results and reliability.

DovAve Management

Choose from 40 pre-made policy enforcement rules or make your own.

Governance Automation

Specify the users and or groups responsible for first stage of approval.


Secure Critical Content

Content sprawl leaves government agencies vulnerable to both security breaches and cyber attacks. With governance automation for DocAve, you can proactively monitor and neutralize violations of privacy, security and compliance.

Escalate breaches to appropriate authorities by setting different rules, policies, and approvers for your platforms and content.


Backup & Restore Government Assets

Keep both present and historical data safe. AvePoint offers full-fidelity backup and recovery solutions for SharePoint.

Maintain all metadata, security settings, and version histories. Backup and restore full deployments so you never have to worry about data loss.

DovAve Backup

Prevent Data loss by scheduling routine backups.

DocAve Reports

Identify business-critical content by identifying your top documents


Get Security Alert Reports and Other Actionable Insights.

Automated reports can show you where the most violations take place so you can take action right away.

Our software solutions allow you to review, tag, delete, quarantine and route content to the appropriate location to comply with governance policies

What Our Customers are Saying

US Army

A U.S. Army command supporting more than 60,000 SharePoint end-users utilized DocAve Administrator to secure and remove permissions, security settings, and stale content associated with more than 6,000 end-users…

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